Saturday, February 24, 2018

March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

March 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

We have less than a week left in February; that means that it's time for my March bullet journal setup! I actually did it at a reasonable time instead of leaving my entire setup to be done at the very end of the month, which is what I usually end up doing lol. Anyway, there isn't much else to say; here is my bullet journal setup for March 2018!
February bullet journal monthly spread

First of all, here is my completed February monthly spread. Again, not much to say here.

March 2018 bullet journal monthly setup
Here is my bujo March monthly spread! I'm actually super proud of how this turned out; I absolutely love the color scheme. To make the calendar, I used an 08 and 005 Sakura Pigma Micron and a black Pigma MB Brush Pen. I also used the 08 Micron, a mint Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner, a bronze Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic, and a mint Pilot FriXion Light Highlighter to do all the color stuff (though since it is such a pastel highlighter, you can't really see it well in the photos). I just hope that I can keep it this pretty as the month goes along haha.

blank March 2018 monthly memories spread

This is my blank bullet journal monthly memories spread for March! I plan to hand-letter eventful things that occurred within that month at the beginning of the next. Thus I aim to show my filled out ones in my setup posts, but I haven't actually done the spreads for December or January yet . . .

So that's it for my March bullet journal setup; I hope you enjoyed it!
~Mae-Mae Han

Did you have a color scheme for March? If so, what was it?

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