Saturday, November 5, 2016

60 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

One of the main things that set bullet journals apart from normal planners are collections. Collections are basically any sort of random list or layout that you want inside of your bullet journal, and it's really convenient to not have to mentally file all of these things. Fortunately, due to the adaptive nature of the bullet journal system, you can make literally any sort of collection that you want to have. However, especially if you're new to bullet journaling, you might be confused as to exactly what sort of collections there are. Thus, I made this list of 60 collections that you could consider to incorporate into your bullet journal!

Random note: this list will not contain any very specific things like "homework for this weekend" or "checklist for tonight's party."

In my bujo, I'm currently using many different collections (such as a wishlist, a list of blog post ideas, monthly habit trackers, and many, many more). Whenever I need to make a list of something (whether it be a packing list, all of the work I need to get done over fall break, etc.), the easiest thing to do is to just make a collection in my bullet journal. There are so many different types of collection and layout ideas that you can use in a bujo.

To make the following lists a little easier to manage and look at, I've divided them into several different categories. First up is . . .

Category 1: Future Dreams

Like the name implies, this is anything that is set aside for the future, whether it be something you want to do later or just plain goals.
  1. Books to read
  2. Movies to watch
  3. TV shows to watch
  4. Goals/resolutions for the year
  5. Places to travel to
  6. Musicals to see
  7. Future, future, future dreams (really big things in the future like getting a PhD, getting a certain car, etc.)
  8. Goals for the month or week
  9. Home renovations/remodeling to do

Category 2: Brainstorming and Lists

The following collections are lists of ideas or items, mainly of things that you're writing down so that you don't forget them. I mainly create these types of spreads so that I can refer back to them in the future.
  1. Favorite blogs
  2. List of presents (primarily for Christmas and such)
  3. Favorite Etsy shops
  4. Wishlist (mainly things that I want to buy "some day," whenever that might be)
  5. Music to download/buy
  6. Blog post ideas
  7. Instagram post ideas
  8. Blog post planning/drafts/outlines
  9. Pen test page/pen swatches
  10. Typical trip packing list (so a list of items you would generally need to pack for all or most of your trips)
  11. Capsule wardrobe
  12. Meal ideas
  13. Typical shopping list (or a place to put sticky notes of shopping lists so that you don't have to bring your entire bullet journal to the grocery store)
  14. Brain dump (a place to put literally any sort of miscellaneous thing)
  15. Blog post checklist (like something like this)
  16. Banner/hand-lettering reference page (for daily spread headers and things like that)
  17. Emergency contact information (I'm a little paranoid that something really bad is going to happen someday and that people will not know my parents' contact info)
  18. Passwords (I only suggest doing this if your bujo is a stay-at-home one)
  19. Hashtags for Instagram
  20. Basic phrases in a foreign language
  21. Conjugations in a foreign language
  22. Self-care page (like things to do if you're feeling stressed)
  23. Handwriting reference page (mainly for if you're trying to improve your everyday handwriting)
  24. Myers-Briggs personality type (I've seen some people make 2-page spreads where he or she hand-letters their MBTI and writes down relevant information about it, such as the type's characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, etc.)
  25. Blog post design reference page (like the RGB of the colors you use for your pictures, names of the fonts that you use for your graphics, dimensions that you use for the pictures intended for Pinterest, etc.)

Category 3: Tracking and Recording the Past

These layouts are more for memory-keeping (or just for keeping track of the past in general).
  1. Habit tracker (for habits you're trying to develop, etc. - here are 60 things you could track)
  2. TV episode tracker (write out boxes for all the episodes of a TV show, and then fill them in once you watch the episode)
  3. Lessons paid (I do lots of private lessons, so I use this spread to make sure that I pay for each lesson since I usually don't pay for them the day I have them) 
  4. Book reviews (so that after you finish a book you can remember how you felt about it)
  5. Monthly memories (I'll be doing a blog post about these type of spreads in the future, but you can see many examples in my setup posts)
  6. "Currently" page (I know some people do a "currently" spread each month where they record what they're currently watching, currently reading, currently listening to, etc.)
  7. Blog milestones (like recording every hundred Instagram followers, every 5,000 pageviews, or something like that)
  8. Baby milestones (when he or she takes their first steps, first starts teething, etc.)
  9. Inspirational/favorite quotes
  10. Weight/health tracker
  11. Budget/savings tracker
  12. "Waiting on" tracker (like waiting for packages, letters, emails from someone, etc.)
  13. Gratitude log

Category 4: Schedules and Planning

These are things that involve time or day specific events.
  1. School bell schedule
  2. Daily morning and/or night planning routine
  3. Weekly routine (a place to remember events that repeat weekly)
  4. "Do tomorrow" spread (which is something that I cover in this post on scheduling events in a bujo)
  5. Class schedule for school
  6. Teacher information (like email, office hours, etc.)
  7. Year overview (either a big calendar or something like the 10th image of this post)
  8. After-school routine
  9. Blog editorial calendar
  10. Class pacing/calendar (like when different assignments are due and what dates tests/quizzes are on)
  11. Medication schedule (like when to take which medicines)
  12. Weekly exercise schedule
  13. Weekly cleaning schedule
So that was it! I only included 60 collections in this post, but there are so many different collections and spreads that you can make in your bullet journal. However, I hope that this post gave you some good ideas for your own bujo!
mae-mae han

What collections do you use? Tell me in the comments down below!


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