Sunday, May 22, 2016

60 Things to Track in a Bullet Journal Tracker

60 Things to Track in a Bullet Journal Tracker //

School is ending really soon, and with school ending comes finals week - it's only next week! With finals week comes studying, and in the natural order of things, with studying comes procrastination. That's what I'm currently doing. But fortunately, I've been procrastinating by doing blog-related things (sometimes)! I've complied this huge (who am I? Donald Trump?) list of things that you can track in your bullet journal's habit tracker.

60 Things to Track in a Bullet Journal Tracker: this picture is from my May Set-Up post //

As of right now, I personally only currently track six things. I track the days that I:
  1. Exercise
  2. Have no extra snacks
  3. Go to bed by 11 PM
  4. Do teeth stuff (i.e. have good dental hygiene)
  5. Practice viola, and
  6. Post on OrchestraHumor
These are all actually habits, and they are all things that I want to do everyday. However, a tracker doesn't necessarily have to be just for habits that you want to do as often as possible; a tracker is also good for just being able to keep track of the last time you did something. Thus, don't feel too bad if you don't shade in all of your boxes!

But anyway, here's the list I promised.

Category 1: Housework

  1. Washed dishes
  2. Did laundry
  3. Washed bed sheets, towels, etc.
  4. Cleaned bedroom, bathroom, etc.
  5. Cleaned toilet, mirror, shower, baseboards, microwave, etc.
  6. Changed appliance or appliance battery (e.g. smoke alarm battery, light bulbs)
  7. Vacuumed
  8. Swept floor
  9. 15 minute clean (I got this idea from Pretty Prints and Paper)
  10. Went grocery shopping
  11. Stayed under daily budget/no extra spending
  12. Something pet care-related: groomed, changed litter, took to vet, cut nails, etc.

Category 2: Lifestyle/Health

  1. Ate all 3 meals
  2. Home-made meal - i.e. "cooked dinner" or something like that
  3. Exercised - or any specific exercises (e.g. "yoga," "cardio," "leg exercises," "weightlifted," "running," or whatever you want to track)
  4. Walked to school/work
  5. Walked a certain number of steps
  6. Stretched
  7. Flossed
  8. Wore retainer
  9. Period
  10. No coffee, alcohol, soda, smoking (a good thing to track if you're trying to fully quit), etc.
  11. Healthy eating
  12. Hydrated
  13. Took supplements
  14. Took medication
  15. Felt symptoms (if you have a disease or something like that, it might be helpful to track the days that you feel the symptoms)
  16. No extra snacks (or moderation in eating)
  17. Went to bed by a certain time
  18. Electronics off 30 minutes before bed
  19. Got a certain amount of sleep
  20. Did morning or night routine
  21. Good mood/happy day (mental health is important too!)
  22. Meditated
  23. Wrote in gratitude log
  24. Cleaned contacts, retainer, glasses, etc.

Category 3: Education/Work

  1. Outfit tracker (most have a separate tracker to know when they wear specific pieces of clothing - I know a lot of capsule wardrobe people use one)
  2. Dressed well at work/school (I saw this somewhere on Instagram but I don't remember who to credit!)
  3. Practiced foreign language
  4. Practiced instrument
  5. Worked on a specific project or essay (please work on your senior thesis throughout the entire school year)
  6. Studied for at least X amount of time
  7. Checked out library books
  8. Read
  9. No phone distractions at work/school (from @TheBluePlanner)

Category 4: Beauty

  1. Planned out outfit the night before
  2. Washed hair
  3. Did root touch-up
  4. Did pore deep cleaning
  5. Did skin care routine
  6. Did hair deep cleaning/conditioning
  7. Used nose pore strip (for people that like these, don't use them too often or you'll end up with gigantic pores)
  8. Replaced mascara (you're only supposed to keep mascara for 3 months!)

Category 5: Blogging/Social Media

  1. Minimal amount of phone/social media time
  2. Minimal amount of TV/Netflix time
  3. Posted on blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  4. Worked on or posted blog post
  5. Replied to YouTube/blog comments (from Boho Berry)
  6. Charged camera battery
  7. Separate blog post tracker (some people have a separate tracker for the multi-step process - so a space for writing the post, taking the pictures, editing the pictures, actually publishing the post, promoting the post on social media, and whatever else you do to create a post)
So that's it! Track as little or as many things that you want to, but also make sure not to overwhelm yourself. Only choose the things that you actually need to track and are useful in your life.

I wish you a wonderfully productive life, and I also hope that I will actually go back to studying.
mae-mae han

What things do you track in your tracker?

Edit: here's an image I made that would be great for Pinterest! It has all of the items that are listed above.


  1. WOW! This is really good, I think I might have to borrow a few of your ideas.

  2. Hopefully it's a typo, but you're only supposed to keep mascara for 3 MONTHS, not 3 years.

  3. Hopefully it's a typo, but you're only supposed to keep mascara for 3 MONTHS, not 3 years.

    1. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you for catching that! Fixed now

  4. Love this post. I track marital activity. ;)

  5. I track how often I get 1-on-1 time with each of my 3 kiddos! I try to do something with each kid by themselves every week!

    1. I do that too! Its a great motivator to remember that they need individual time.

  6. I am not sure if you realjzed this but you have 2 number 35 and 36.

    1. Oh gosh . . . Oh well, can't do anything about it now 😂

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  8. I track "Gifting " It can be charitable donation, phone call, note, compliment, good deed, volunteer work, buy ice cream cones at grocery store (25 cents) for stranger, hubby back rub. If you are mindful of giving, the opportunities will arise and it's great fun. It releases Oxytocin in your body too.

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