Friday, February 2, 2018

February 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

February 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

Now that it's almost the end of the month, it's time for next month's bullet journal setup! I tend to procrastinate my monthly setups till the last two or so days prior to the new month, but this month, I had the opportunity to guest post on the Sakura of America Instagram page about bullet journaling!!! This is especially exciting for me because Sakura Gelly Rolls and the brand as a whole are really what got me into stationery and initially led me to calligraphy (and later to the bullet journal system). Anyway, this is relevant because it means I had to actually set up for February at a reasonable time. So, here is my February 2018 bullet journal setup!

January bullet journal monthly spread

First of all, here is my completed January monthly spread. Not much to say here, though I will mention that I thoroughly enjoyed that month's color scheme.

Hey, everyone! I’m Mae-Mae Han of @ourjourneyinjournals, and I’m super honored to be guest posting this week about bullet journaling! The bullet journal—or bujo for short—is a DIY planner/journal/random lists system that was created by Ryder Caroll of @bulletjournal several years ago, but I feel like it’s *really* started to gain traction within the past year or so. My favorite part about the system is that because you start out with any notebook and draw out your own spreads and layouts, it’s incredibly flexible and customizable, and you can put really anything you want into it based on your own needs. So, for the next several days, I’ll be showing some parts of my own bujo and giving tips and tricks that I’ve learned throughout the close to two years that I’ve been bullet journaling! First of all, here is my February monthly spread. The original system utilizes a list-style for monthly logs, but because I’m used to a calendar, I go with that instead. This is where I keep track of school tests, extracurricular activities, due dates, etc. The last column labeled “mis” stands for “miscellaneous,” which is where I put random tasks and notes from throughout the month that don’t belong on any particular day. I choose a new color scheme and style of calligraphy for every monthly setup I do, and I find that it’s an easy way to make your bullet journal all ~aesthetic~. For this month, I decided to go with a pink color scheme (to kind of match Valentine’s Day) using a pink Koi Coloring Brush Pen and a pink Gelly Roll Metallic (though you can’t really see the metallic embellishments on the letters). I also used a Pigma MB Brush Marker and a Pigma Micron 005 to help create the grid. The latter—since it has such a fine tip—is especially helpful for writing in the dates, though there also is now an 003 size if you need something even tinier. #bulletjournal #bujo #sakurakoi #gellyroll #bulletjournaljunkies #studyblr #bulletjournaling #pigmamicron
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This is my February monthly spread. I had already gone with a pink color scheme last February in order to go along with Valentine's Day, and I know I wanted to do the same this time around, so I used a pink Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen and a pink Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic.

blank bullet journal monthly memories spread

Here is my empty monthly memories spread for February. Since I fill them in after the month ends, I usually show my completed one in the next month's setup, but I haven't done January's yet (or December's lol).

That's it for my bullet journal setup for February; if you haven't seen my guest posts on the @sakuraofamerica Instagram yet, then you should definitely go check them out! I also may or may not be having a giveaway of Sakura products on my own Instagram right now ;)
~Mae-Mae Han

Did you go with a color scheme for your February bullet journal setup? If so, comment what colors you used!

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