Monday, May 29, 2017

June 2017 Bullet Journal Setup

june 2017 bullet journal setup

Since it's almost June, I decided to do my monthly bullet journal setup today! June is going to be my first full month of summer break, so that's nice. Anyway, I don't have much to say, so here's my June monthly bujo setup!

First of all, if you've seen my monthly setups in the past, then you know that I usually show a bit of the previous month. However, I've decided to not show any of May's stuff since it just looks pretty bad, and it would make all of us sad to see it, haha.

june monthly bullet journal spread

June's color scheme/theme utilizes a Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic purple gel pen, a purple Zebra Mildliner, a Sakura Pigma MB brush pen, and purple Scotch washi tape. Fun fact: this washi tape is the same one I used in last year's June bujo setup, just in a different color.

I also used a Sakura Pigma Micron in the 08 size and a Pilot Dr. Grip gel pen. I normally use a Pilot Juice 0.5 gel pen for all of my everyday black writing, but I unfortunately lost mine :(. So, I'm using a Dr. Grip pen with a black Pilot Juice 0.5 refill inside.

bullet journal monthly memories and habit tracker spreads

I usually put the habit tracker spread on the left and the monthly memories spread on the right, but I accidentally switched the headers around, which isn't that bad. However, I made it worse because I then forgot that I did that, so now my tracker spread has the memories header and vice verse.

bullet journal summer goals spread

Since the school year has ended, I'm gonna have a lot more time to focus on other things. So, I made this summer goals page to help visualize all of the different things that I want to accomplish during break. I hope that having all of these things down on paper will help me actually get them done.

Anyway, that was my June bullet journal setup! Since I'm on summer break right now, I'm glad I'll be able to have more time to do OJIJ stuff, so expect lots of content to come in the near future! (At least, if everything goes to plan . . .)
mae-mae han

What things do you want to do in the summer? Tell me in a comment down below!

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