Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

October 2018 Bullet Journal Setup
As the leaves begin to turn, the page must also turn . . . The bullet journal page, that is.

Okay, I acknowledge that that was absolutely terrible, but I just wanted an interesting way to preface my October bujo setup! Unfortunately, you don't get any fun introduction. Here's my October setup anyway.

September 2018 bullet journal monthly spread at the end of the month

Well, as always, first here is my September monthly spread at the end of the month.

October bullet journal monthly spread

This is my October monthly spread. I accidentally messed up when creating the calendar grid; in this Scribbles That Matter notebook, I make the "header" four lines and the days of the week three so each week is six lines tall. However, I accidentally made the days of the week two spaces tall instead of three, so I had to compensate by making the first week seven instead of six lines. After more than two years, you would think that I would stop making such silly mistakes, but in actuality, I do that a lot when it comes to drawing out my monthly spreads.

For this month's "theme" in my bullet journal, I chose this sort of "fall-esque" washi tape and matched it with a brown Tombow Dual Brush Pen (color 879), a 0.6 mm silver gel pen from a Korean brand I still don't know the name of, and a Zebra Mildliner Highlighter in vermilion. For the lettering, I wanted to get away from my typical modern script that I usually do, so I instead went with this mixed print and script that is fairly popular in the studyblr community (and was the lettering I used in June 2016).
October blank monthly memories spread

Here is my empty monthly memories for October, where I will later on hand-letter notable events that occurred throughout the month.

bullet journal April monthly memories spread

Ashamedly, I am VERY behind with my monthly memories spreads. I used to do them right after the end of the month, but as you can see, I am currently only up to April. Blegh, I'll get caught up eventually.

Regardless, something I am proud of is the fact that back in April, I lost the red marker that was a part of that month's theme, but I was able to color-match it pretty well by layering two different markers.

So that was my bullet journal setup for October! I hope you enjoyed it!
~Mae-Mae Han

Last month's setup: September 2018


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