Sunday, July 22, 2018

July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

July 2018 Bullet Journal Setup

My laptop has been having issues, so I am finally now able to show you guys my July bullet journal setup. I set up and took the pictures before I left for China in the middle of June, but my laptop couldn’t connect to the internet; consequently, I was unable to post this in a timely manner like I planned. I just got back last week, soI’m still recovering from jet-lag. I know it’s near the end of the month, but hey--better late than never!

June bullet journal monthly spread at the end of the month
First of all, here is my “completed” June monthly spread. Though this picture was taken mid-June, as stated before, I haven’t really added much at all since then since being on vacation—particularly during summer break—means that I don’t have much to do myself in terms of planning.

July bullet journal monthly layout

Here is my July monthly spread. This sunset washi tape I got last year really fits an “in the deep of summer” sort of vibe, so I matched it with an orange Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen and a red and an orange Sakura Glaze/Aqualip gel pen. I also used a black Sakura Pigma Micron 005 and a black Sakura Pigma MB Brush Pen to write the calendar dates and the calendar grid, respectively.

blank bullet journal monthly memories spread for July

This is my blank monthly memories spread for July, where I'll hand-letter the big events of July as a fun way of memory-keeping. I always tell myself that I'll do my memories spread within a week of the month ending, but so far this year, I've been badly procrastinating. Though I planned to catch up while in China, I only managed to do three out of the six monthly memory spreads I planned to do (like I said, I've been procrastinating); you'll most likely see them in my next setup post--which will be setting up my fifth bullet journal!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my July setup, even if it is almost a month late. Get hype for next week's new bujo setup--which also happens to coincide with the beginning of my last year of high school!
~Mae-Mae Han

Since this is the end of bullet journal number four for me, I'm curious; what bullet journal number are you on?

Last month's setup: June 2018

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  1. I like the result of your work. I especially like the second journal. Maybe, it is because I like red color. Anyway, your efforts were worth it.