Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Transformative Benefits of a Journey in Journaling

The Transformative Benefits of a Journey in Journaling

Hey, everyone! Today's post is a little different, as this is a guest post from Tabitha. Tabitha is the founder of Mighty Journals and has been an active journaler since 2008. Mighty Journals is committed to seeing people to and through their journaling journey by providing the journaling community with the just-right materials that keep them keepin’ on. Mighty Journals will launch in September of 2017 with limited pre-sales before the official launch. Anyway, as a fellow stationary lover, I hope you enjoy what Tabitha has to say!

If you’re reading this blog, then you may already know… the benefits of journaling are tremendous. If you don’t already journal, read on to discover how journaling will transform your life and then get started! If you’re looking to grow, to change, or to improve the flow of your life, journaling will take you where you want to go.

If you start to journal, here’s what may happen:

You might learn something about yourself, for better or worse, but usually for better.
I’ve been journaling since 2008, and when I flip back (and I always flip back), I see consistent patterns in
"We are what we repeatedly do." -Will Durant
my behavior. Patterns in my happiness, in my anxiety, in my put-togetherness. Patterns, patterns, everywhere. It reminds me of that Will Durant quote, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Once I get my eyes on it, I can say, “Hm. I can clearly see now who I am. Is this who I want to continue be?” It can be difficult, but sometimes the answer is… NO! In which case, your journal will be there for you yet again. A couple of years ago, I realized that I was perpetually moody and I wanted to better understand what was causing it. I used a mood tracker to pinpoint what was going on. And *poof* I was able to deal with the problem.

You’ll suddenly find yourself in a big, warm hug from one of the most active online communities that's out there.
It’s actually biology; human beings need to be part of something, to belong to something. We all thrive most in communities, even us introverts (hi!). When you start your journey in journaling, you’ll be welcomed by large and active online groups on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and blogs. Our community will offer you the opportunity to learn new techniques, to understand you’re not alone when you face challenges, and to motivate yourself to reach higher and grow.

You’ll get time for yourself to do something intentional every single day.
Journaling is a sort of active meditation; you get all the benefits of meditation like reduced stress and anxiety, AND you get a pretty journal spread to show for it. Jackpot! Literally everyone has had the experience of being stressed or overwhelmed, and we often forget to take care of ourselves. Once you’re into the habit of journaling, you will always have that sacred time with your journal that is reserved just for you.

Mighty Journals is committed to helping people make journaling a transformative habit, and habits are born from routine and commitment. That’s why, this September, we’re launching a project to help our friends in the community stick to journaling. Science shows that when people are rewarded for behavior, they stick to that behavior and start to build a habit. Reward yourself (or someone you love) for consistently journaling with our monthly box of journaling goodies - which is 30% off during pre-sales! And don’t forget to keep in touch (@mightyjournals) -- you’re part of our community now, and we want to know how journaling has transformed you!

Comment below - how has journaling transformed you?


  1. This is so true! I started journaling around a year ago and my life seems a little bit more put-together. I've also been able to hit milestones I had better tracking of because journaling and overall it has been working as a Pensieve at months closures! I've been improving with studies and definitely became a bit more organized and cheerful!

    1. So glad to hear you've become more organized and cheerful! Keep journaling :)

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