Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Improve Your Handwriting

If you look at my first bullet journal and my second bullet journal, one of the biggest differences you'll notice is my handwriting. Starting from late May/early June, I started to practice and improve my handwriting. I decided to do so because my handwriting hadn't really changed or gotten better since the sixth grade, and it was frankly quite ugly. Thus, using my own experience in improving my handwriting, I'll be teaching you today how to improve your own handwriting!

To make it easier, I broke down what I did to better my writing into several steps.

    1. Do a writing sample.

    When I had just started to try and improve my handwriting, I made a writing sample using my normal handwriting and not caring with how it looked (so somewhat fast and messy) //

    First of all, when you've decided to start to improve your handwriting, make a sample of your writing. You could either write out the alphabet or just random words, but all that matters is that you include all of the letters of the alphabet. Don't try to make them look pretty or anything like that; just write how you normally would.

    2. Pick out the specifics.

    After you've created a writing sample of your handwriting, now it's time to pick out the specifics. By "specifics," I'm specifically saying strokes and symbols that should be improved (wow, look at that alliteration!). For example, I remember that when I decided to change the way I write, I wanted to make my "o's" and "a's" rounder.

    So, go through all of your letters and find the certain aspects of them that you want to change, whether it be the height of your lowercase letters, the roundness of letters, etc.

    3. Copy the alphabet.

    The third step is to write out the alphabet over and over and over and over and over again (was that enough "overs"?). Make sure to be super aware of the things that you want to change; don't just mindlessly write the letters out. When you're at this stage, you should aim for consistency and neatness with the form of your writing. Also, make sure to go slowly. When you're trying to drastically change your handwriting, you can't improve at all if you're writing quickly.

    4. Practice!

    Handwriting practice on June 5, 2016: I copied some YouTube comments, which is one way I like to practice my handwriting //

    The last step is just plain, old practice; there's no replacement or shortcut for this. When I was improving my handwriting, I would just sit down and write continuously for at least half an hour almost every day. Just like with the previous step, make sure to continue to be aware of each individual stroke of each individual letter and write slowly. Again, aim for consistency!

    There are so many different ways to practice your handwriting (such as copying down song lyrics or journaling), and I've talked about 10 different ways before. However, you can just write out literally anything that you want to! You can even archive your practice sheets and date them so that you can see how you've improve over time.

    If you take away anything from this post, then let it be these two pieces of advice:
    1. Be aware of what specific strokes you want to change, and
    2. Be aware of how you're forming said strokes, and write slowly!!!
    I cannot stress enough the importance of consciously drawing each stroke and writing slowly when you're trying to improve your handwriting. It is incredibly essential. If you're not mindful with your practice, then you're just wasting your time. Of course, it's pretty impractical to write slowly in day-to-day writing, but when you are actively trying to change the way you write, it's quite critical.

    I hope this post helped you learn how to improve your handwriting, and good luck on your journey in changing it!
    mae-mae han

    What tips or questions do you have about improving your handwriting? Leave them in the comments below!

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