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18 Bullet Journal Blogs

The bullet journal system has really been blowing up in the past year or so. Just like with any other popular thing, this means the introduction of blogs about said topic - in this case, bullet journals! Thus, I've decided to compile this list of blogs about bullet journals. Keep on reading to see them!

First, I gotta lay down a few ground rules for these featured blogs. They have to meet all of the following criterea:
  1. Not a Tumblr blog - I'm only including "real" blogs (since Tumblr is more a social media rather than a platform for blogging)
  2. Has bullet journaling as at least one of the main topics - i.e. more than just one post about bujos
  3. Is active as of the time I'm posting this - if they haven't posted for more than a couple of months, then I'm not including them in the list
  4. Has at least mediocre photos - a big issue with some blogs out there is their low quality pictures
Also, if you have any suggestions for anymore blogs that I should include, please, please, please leave a comment down below! But yeah, now that I've gotten that stuff out of the way, here are some bullet journal blogs!

The official bullet journal blog: the Bulletjournalist

This is the blog made by Ryder Carroll, the original creator of the bujo system itself. Ryder Carroll himself doesn't post very often, but at the beginning of the month, several posts written by influential members in the bullet journal community are published. Of course, as to be expected, every single post is about bujos; the topics range from show-and-tells to bullet journal hacks.

Boho Berry

I think 99% of the bullet journal community knows about Kara Benz of Boho Berry; she's a fabulous lady with a fabulous blog (and Etsy shop). She also has a YouTube channel that has both stand-alone and companion videos that go along with some of her posts. Whether you're a complete bujo newbie or a seasoned user, I think you would enjoy her posts. She's also one of the hosts of the #RockYourHandwriting challenge and #PlanWithMeChallenge.

Pretty Prints & Paper

Jessica, the author behind PP&P, is also one of the hosts of the two previously mentioned challenges. She is a traveler's notebook user and a college professor, if that's something you're interested in. Her blog is a good mix of both bullet journal and calligraphy/hand-lettering posts. She also has a YouTube channel, which again, features both of these topics.

Hello! I am pretty happy with September's monthly log! Calendar page: - Added a line as inspired by Cory @coryannellis to write down the page number of where the daily log that corresponds to that day is located, like an Index of sorts. Not sure how useful it will be, but sounds too neat an idea not to try! Ooh, maybe I could check it off when all the tasks from that day are completed?! - Added events to keep an eye on. So many shows are coming back this month so I added those in 😎 Might also take a Phil course, just because. - Beneath the ruler is my sweetie's schedule. Monthly collection (right side): - Personal goals in my top 3 areas of importance: sleep, food, fitness. Self-care and work are also important, they are there as well. The underlined portions are supporting tasks and habits to keep in focus. - Book tracker. I love those visual book collections (still don't know who the originator is, please come forth if you know who came up with it!), so I made a simple tiny version to fill in once I read the books to the right of it. I am great at starting books, want to improve on actually finishing them. I like a combination of physical, audio, and ebooks (added headphone signifier to indicate the audiobooks). I'm excited to fill these adorable books in! They seem to work so well for others 😁📚💕 - Cinco años with my partner in all matters is coming up, so that means presents. But which pen to get the man who has a couple walls, drawers, boxes, and pockets full of pens...? (Serious. He has these cool pen display cases on the walls!). When I saw the @PenAddict pen, I knew it was perfect so I scrambled to get to that buy button...sadly they were sold out by the time I saw it 🙁. Please make more, Dowdy! - Next, I just need to finish migrating tasks from last month. I usually like to start fresh and then add migrated items. Should probably be the opposite, but this way things are switched up a bit in a fresh way. Succulents, compliments of the backyard 🌱
A photo posted by Kim / Tiny Ray of Sunshine (@tinyrayofsunshine) on

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Again, Kim of Tiny Ray of Sunshine is one of the hosts of #RockYourHandwriting and the #PlanWithMeChallenge. She is a minimalist bullet journaler, and her ingeniously-created spreads go to show that you don't need to use a plethora of colors and adornments to make beautiful-looking pages. She unfortunately hasn't been posting much content on her blog this summer, but she does regularly update her Instagram.

- so early this month I accidentally left my Atoma discbound somewhere during the number of appointments that I've had to attend this month. I ended up drawing these monthly pages as my point of reference in a Leuchtturm1917 pocket grid notebook. The top is the calendar in horizontal view. On the left page are all my events and appointments, and on the right page my tasks to complete. I just continued the same format on the following pages when I ran out of room on the current page. I only seemed to write daily pages when I needed to record anything or there's just too much to remember in my sleep deprived mind. The numbers in boxes are the dates and I'll block out in grey when completed or cross out if it's cancelled. I'm definitely going to continue with this format for August. I've learned to just let go if I miss a day in my dailies and I've embraced the spontaneity of having a child. What are you continuing in August? What hasn't worked for you? #bulletjournal #bulletjournaljunkies #leuchtturm #leuchtturm1917 #journal #journaling #wearebujo #handwriting #writing #stationery #writing #plannerd #plannergirl #planneraddict #notebookaddict @leuchtturm1917
A photo posted by Dee Quine (@decadethirty) on

Decade Thirty

Dee is a new mom, so she hasn't had much time to post lately, though her blog is overwhelmingly primarily about bullet journals and planning. She also has several posts about handwriting, and she's the fourth and final host of the #RockYourHandwriting challenge. Her handwriting is absolutely gorgeous.

A photo posted by Heather (@ohayobento) on

Ohayo Bento

Ohayo Bento was created by Heather, who is also a new mom. Her bujo spreads and photos are always so sharp and well-done. She's also been transitioning into a disc-bound system for long-term collections, if that's something that you want to learn about. She also has some posts about food and bentos, as you can probably tell from the name.

Christina 77 Star

Christina is known for her awesome doodles in color pencil; she's a co-host of the Doodle With Us challenge on Instagram. Though bullet journaling is the main topic of her blog, she also sometimes writes about inspiration and blogging tips.

Passion Themed Life

Kacheri, the author of PTL, is a home-schooling mom and a student herself, so her planning and blog reflect that. She also enjoys using lots of color and various artsy decorations, and she hosts the #PTLDoodles challenge. She uses a traveler's notebook for bullet journaling.

A photo posted by 🌸 BREE 🌸 (@breeeberry) on

Breee Berry

Bree has a very distinct style of bullet journaling; it's very clean with beautiful handwriting and bright accents of color. Her spreads are quite minimal, and they're very pretty. She also has an Etsy shop for planner stickers.

Creative Pineapple

Camilla, who first started on Instagram and later spread her reach to a blog, is a semi-popular bullet journalist in the community. Again, her spreads are somewhat minimal with pops of clean color. I'm a big fan of her bright pictures.

Page Flutter

Megan of Page Flutter has so many really unique posts about bujoing that you won't really find anywhere else - she has lots of original "hack" or tip posts. Along with being a blogger, Megan is also a writer; she hosts the 6 word story challenge on Instagram.


I don't know much about Sandra, the author of this blog, but just looking at her pictures just makes me happy; her spreads and pictures are all very nice and bright. Sandra herself is an artist, so her spreads are all very artistic, and she incorporates lots of drawings on the pages of her bujo. Her Etsy shop, which will contain planner-related items, is coming soon.

A photo posted by Zoot (@bulletjournaljoy) on

Bullet Journal Joy

As you can probably tell from the title of the blog, Zoot posts exclusively about bullet journals. She's got lots of experience under her belt, as she's been utilizing the system for more than three years and has filled up 11 bujos (as of the time I'm writing this post). She also has a couple of bullet journal posts on her personal blog.

Bullet Journal Pros

Bullet Journal Pros, a blog written by Todd Foutz, is a blog dedicated to helping working professionals. It's full of interviews of bullet journalers that also have a day job(s) and how they specifically use the system, including one of Ryder Carroll. (edit: Bujo Pros is now a series on the official bullet journal blog)

A photo posted by @thebulletjournaladdict on

The Bullet Journal Addict

Heidi's blog is relatively new (it's only a couple of months old), but it's already been gaining some serious traction! Her posts are quite helpful and well-written, and her spreads are all beautifully-made. Go show her some love!

A photo posted by Planner Inspiration (@showmeyourplanner) on

Show Me Your Planner

Show Me Your Planner (now moved to Zen of Planning) started out as an Instagram account that features pictures of other planners, mostly bullet journals, on Instagram. Now, it has expanded to a Pinterest account and a blog. The blog has different sorts of posts about bullet journaling, mostly including inspiration and different ideas for bujos.

Our Journey in Journals

Well, I hope you already know this blog - you're on it right now! Hi, I'm Mae-Mae; I'm a high school student, and I've been bullet journaling for almost half a year now. My blog is mainly about bujos, but it also has some posts about calligraphy and other stationery. I hope you like my blog :)


This Italian site has a mixture of original posts, which I don't really care about and have not read, and links to other people's posts, which is the part that I do care about. So, if you want to learn about the different components of a bullet journal in Italian, or if you want to find some good posts made by other "big" people, then you might want to look through this site.

Those were 18 blogs about bullet journals and a very basic overview of them. I hope you were able to discover a new blog within this post!
mae-mae han

Comment down below either your favorite bujo blog or a blog that I missed!


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