Thursday, June 23, 2016

Where to Buy Journals and Notebooks Online

Where to Buy Journals and Notebooks Online //

If you're like me, you don't have a lot of stationery shops near you. I live in a small-ish suburban town, so I've been to approximately three stores in person. Thus, a lot of my journal shopping capability comes from the Internet! Consequently, I've compiled this list, for both myself and all of you out there, of places that you can buy journals and notebooks online.

I don't have much to say about each of these stores, so it's in a list format. I have also split them into categories so that it's easier to look at. And FYI, all of these links are to the US site (if available).

Branded Stores

These are the online stores for various companies. Consequently, the only products they stock and sell are the ones of said brand.
  • Morning Glory: They also have lots of other stationery, including pens, pencil cases, binders, and many other products. Morning Glory also sells home decor and other things.
  • is well-known for their cute stationery. Their journal and notebook selection is not large by any means, but I included them on this list because of their aforementioned stationery in general.
  • kikki.K: Holy moley, they have a lot of stuff! Their journals, notebooks, and planners are mostly pastel-colored with gold lettering.
  • Muji: Muji's products are very minimalist; their mantra is simplicity. I do suggest that you go to a physial store if you can, because the online store doesn't have much.
  • Moleskine: Yeah, I think this is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Typo: Along with some notebooks and journals, this sub-brand of Cotton On also sells art supplies, tech stuff, home decor, and many, many more pretty things. I did a haul from Typo a bit ago. Their stuff is uber Tumblr-y, and I love it.
  • Daiso: Daiso has a very large assortment of items, and they are all "kawaii." They don't have a lot of journals, but they have lots of notebooks.
  • CR Gibson: CR Gibson has a crap ton of products, including journals, photo albums, memory books, and more. Their selection of journals is quite large.
  • Poppin: They don't sell many journals, but they do have some simple, pretty ones.
  • Rifle Paper Co: Both their website and products are very pretty. Their products are usually patterned (lots of florals).
  • Peter Pauper Press: They have lots of decorative journals, including patterned ones and ornate ones.
  • Papaya Art: I learned about them from Boho Berry, and they have a lot of really cool, patterned stationery (along with other types of products).

Other Retail Companies

These are stores that are distributors. Some of them also sell their own exclusive products, but some do not.
  • Paperchase: A popular UK-based store, Paperchase stocks both stationery of other brands and some lines exclusive to them. Paperchase products, in my opinion, are all very pretty.
  • Paper Source: Paper Source also has lots of very pretty things. It's also a store in the US, so it's one of the few stationery stores that I've been to in person.
  • Chapters and Indigo: From what I know about this store, Chapters and Indigo is kind of like the Barrnes and Noble of Canada. They have books, toys, home items, journals, and more.
  • Barnes and Noble: Speaking of Barnes and Noble, they also sell lots of journals. They are in the "Home & Gifts" section their website. They also stock Moleskine notebooks.
  • Goulet Pens: Goulet Pens is wonderful. They have "fancy" notebooks and other luxury stationery. They are one of the few retailers I know of that stock Leuchtturm notebooks.
  • JB Welly: JB Welly is similar to Goulet Pens in that have lots of fancy stationery (including Leuchtturm notebooks), though they don't have as large as a selection of products. Nonetheless, the packages from here are absolutely gorgeous.
  • JetPens: They mainly sell pens and other writing utensils, but they also stock some nice notebooks, especially ones for art. They also recently started carrying Leuchtturm notebooks!! (but unfortunately only softcover A6 ones as of now)
  • Dick Blick: Dick Blick is an art supply store, so the vast majority of the notebooks that they sell are sketchbook type of things. They also have a couple of Moleskines.
  • Target: Target's journal and notebook selection makes me so happy (which is in the School & Office Supplies section, BTW).
  • Overstock: Overstock just has a lot of products in general, including journals. Searching the word "journal" brings up over 16,000 results. However, other than Moleskine, you probably won't find any specific brands.

Third Party Retail Sites

These are websites that serve as a place for others to sell their items.
  • Amazon: You can find a lot of different brands of journals and notebooks on Amazon, including Leuchtturm and other "luxury" brands.
  • eBay: Enough said. We all know about eBay. Be careful with shady sellers and quality, though.
  • Etsy: You can find a lot of pretty and custom notebooks on Etsy. Etsy is just a wonderful, beautiful realm.

Yup, that's it. The internet has really brought the world together and allowed us to do amazing things that would've been absolutely unimaginable in decades past. I'm grateful to be alive during a time where I can buy stationery without even leaving my house!
mae-mae han

Did I miss a shop you like, or do you frequent any of these sites? Let me know in the comments!


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