Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bullet Journal May Setup (and Updates from April)

Bullet Journal May Setup //

Hello everyone, and welcome to May! That means that I've been bullet journaling for a full month now, and so I set up for my second month this past Saturday (the last day of April). Since I had spent quite a significant amount of time thinking about my set-up for April, there weren't all that many changes this month. But anyway, click that "read more" button to see how I set up for this May.

Bullet Journal May Setup //

Throughout April, I added to the list here so that I would remember what things I wanted to change. I suggest doing something like this because it really ensures that during your next monthly set-up, you are getting the most of the bullet journal system and adapting it to yourself the best you can.

Bullet Journal May Setup //
Bullet Journal May Setup //

April's monthly spread worked out really well for me, so I decided to keep it pretty much exactly the same. However, instead of goals, I labeled the extra space "notes" instead. I intended to write down "tasks," but I was not paying much attention and wrote out the N . . . and thought to myself "well, crap." It doesn't really matter. Next month, I think I will label it "brain dump" as a sort of catch-all type of section. Also, I messed up big time with the dotted lines extending all the way across into the notes section. :(

As an addition from the time I published the last set-up post, I wrote in these mini calendars for the previous and next month into the monthly spreads. Though I don't use them very often, it is nice to have them when I do need them.

The habit tracker is almost exactly the same as last month's. However, the "dishwashing" section was practically useless (as you can tell :p), so I replaced it with "no extra snacks" (I have a bad habit of eating snacks when I'm not hungry). Also this month - for purely aesthetic purposes - I plan on shading each box differently from how I did it in April, as you can see in the pictures.

Last month, I left practically no space between each memory entry. This month, I plan on leaving space or putting a border between each thing, just so that it doesn't look so cluttered.

On Instagram this month, I will be participating in the #TogetherWeLetter (hosted by @LissLetters and @RenMadeCalligraphy) and #BadassWomen (hosted by @theinkyhand). Open circles are what I use as task signifiers, so I made sure to use those in these challenge prompt spreads in order to keep track of which prompts I've already completed. These are two pages are a serious step up from last month's #RockYourHandwriting prompt spread - let's just say that it was hideous.

During the month of April, my printer finally started working. Thus, I was able to print out this yearly calendar from Wendaful. My notebook is a little smaller than A5 size, so just as a cautionary measure, I printed the A6 one. It looks a little small on the page, but at least that's better than it being too big.

Since school is ending this month, I'm pretty sure that in June I will be changing up my monthly log to the original method; this calendar/grid-type of spread is still very useful for right now, but when I won't have as many things going on, it will just be taking up space. But that's the beauty of the bullet journal - you can do whatever suits you the best!

I hope you all enjoyed this set-up post!

Click here for last month's setup (April), and click here for next month's setup (June).

mae-mae han

What were the things you changed up this month?

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