Friday, April 7, 2017

Bullet Journal Flip Through (1 Year's Progress)

Hey, guys! Today's post is a little different because it's not really a post at all; it's a video! I started bullet journaling a year ago in April 2016, so I wanted to show you guys the journey of my journals (hahaha). I decided to do it in the form of a video because it's easier for you to watch something on YouTube rather than look at several hundred photos in a blog post (and it's easier for me to make a video than to photograph and edit those several hundred photos). I also split it into 2 videos just for convenience.

The videos are embedded below, but you can also click on the following links:
Bullet journal flip through part 1
Bullet journal flip through part 2

I hope you enjoy these flip throughs! Leave me a comment if you want to see any more videos!
mae-mae han

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