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Setup of my Second Bullet Journal: August 2016

setup of my second bullet journal: august 2016

Today is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

Okay, it's not that dramatic. What it actually is is the setup of bujo volume two (aka setup for August).

a hand-lettered quote on the last page of my first bullet journal saying "for with a closing door another surely opens"
I lettered in a song lyric for the very last page of my first bullet journal //

So welcome to the August setup of my brand-new Rhodia Webnotebook!

a bullet journal spread titled "next bujo" to help with choosing the next notebook to use
I made this spread to help aid me in my decision of choosing a notebook for my second bujo //

The first first bullet journal I had lasted me from April to July. I suspect that this one, with 192 pages, will probably last me a month or two into next year. The medium dot grid Rhodia Webnotebook (purchased from Amazon for $17.24) is close to A5 size at 14.0 cm by 21.0 cm, has 5 mm dot grid, and sports beautiful, silky-smooth 90g paper. I was debating between this and the ever-so-popular Leuchtturm A5 dot grid notebook, but I eventually decided on the Rhodia Webbie because of its higher quality paper.

a bullet journal spread titled "the big move" to help plan the setup

I created this spread in my old bullet journal to help me with the setup of this new one. I went through all of my collections and decided on the ones that I actually wanted to have in volume two. And no, I didn't choose to incorporate every one of my old collections; some of them are not needed anymore, and some of them are just not very useful in general.

Admittedly, I have not yet migrated all of the things I plan on inconporating because the notebook only arrived on Sunday, aka the last day of July. However, I will be getting around to it in the near-future - well, let's hope that I do!

I blurred out some of my personal information for obvious reasons //
I put some personal information on the very first page of my new bujo just in case I ever lose it. Originally, I did some brush calligraphy at the very top . . . and I absolutely hated it (of course I mess up the very first thing I do in my new journal). I moaned in agony for a few minutes, and then I taped some scrapbook paper to cover the horrible mistake. Thankfully, you can only see a hint of the atrocity underneath the washi tape.

my key that I use in my bullet journal
My key is the same as it's always been. I haven't really changed a thing.

the bullet journal index/table of contents
I know it's called the index, but the "index" of a bullet journal truthfully is a table of contents and not an index. But yeah, it's self-explanatory; I'm gonna index (table-of-contents?) collections and things like that. Sort of in the same vein the table of contents, I haven't numbered all of the pages yet; because I'm feeling too lazy to do so right now, I will number the pages as I go along.

When I set up my first bujo, I was concerned whether two pages would be enough for my index. Fortunately, I used pretty much exactly that amount. Thus, I thought one sheet/one page front and back will be sufficient for this table of contents.

the full, year-at-a-glance calendar for 2016
Because I didn't feel like looking for another full-year calendar for 2016, I used the same one that I used previously: a free printable from Wendaful. This time, I printed off the A5 version with a Monday start. Wenda is amazing because she included downloads for both Monday and Sunday starts and in a bunch of different sizes - shout out to her!

my bullet journal future log
My future log! I quite like how it looks //

Once again, I used the classic future log; I find that it's easy to setup and simple to use. I still haven't completely filled it out yet, but like I said, I will be getting to that in the near future.

August bullet journal monthly spread
August's monthly spread - lots of planning had to go in the making of this //

And finally, welcome to my August monthly spread! I decided to go with an orange theme this month because:
  1. It's a sufficiently bright and summery color
  2. I might as well use my lease favorite color for my birthday month
  3. Using orange in a Rhodia notebook just seemed appropriate :)
Making this spread was surprisingly difficult because of having to figure out how many spaces each day would get and such. Even after counting the amount of columns correctly, I still messed up the width of the boxes! Good job, me.

The miscellaneous column in my bullet journal's monthly spread
The miscellaneous column for my monthly spread //

I used "misce" as an abbreviation for miscellaneous. Here, I put any random notes that don't belong anywhere else or any non-day-specific tasks I want to get done sometime during the month.

Also, lots of correction tape was used at the bottom of the spread. Let's not talk about it. Instead, can we just gush about overall how pretty this spread is? I'm pretty gosh darn proud of it!

bujo habit tracker
My monthly bujo habit tracker //
I think I might do draw this tracker differently next month; it was unexpectedly time-consuming and tedious to make, primarily due to all of the dots. I also didn't like how I had to squish the words in order to fit all 31 days :(

Additionally, I don't like all of that empty space on the right-hand side, so I think I'll letter something there.

July memories bullet journal spread
July memories page //
Last month's memories spread is pretty messy, but I still quite like it. If you're wondering what the Chinese in the middle says, it's just the names of the cities I visited/stayed in while I was in China.

August blank memories spread
As I say in pretty much all of my setup posts, I'm excited to see how this page will fill up! It's always nice to look back at these memory pages and reminisce on the memorable things.

first week of August bullet journal weekly spread
This will be the last weekly spread in my bullet journal for a while because it's the last week of summer break :( //
This will be my last weekly spread for a very long time; my school starts back up on Tuesday the ninth. My weekly spreads are always really simple. I just make a header with the week's dates and then split up the rest of the page evenly between the seven days. I messed up on this header - I think I accidentally started to write an "e"? - so I was forced to improvise. But other than that one weird thing, I'm quite satisfied with this weekly spread.

Well, that is it for the setup of my second bullet journal. So far, I'm enjoying my Rhodia Webnotebook and its ~wonderful~ paper. I plan on doing a review in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later. I've already started a pen test page (which I didn't picture here), and it's been holding up pretty well to different types of pens.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Be prepared for a couple school-related/studyblr posts coming onto this blog soon.

Click here for last month's (July) bujo setup, and click here for next month's (September) setup.

mae-mae han

What notebook are you currently using as your bujo?

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